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IRC is a Radio control program for Icom radios using the CIV CT-17 or compatible interface. This program allows the use of different skins to display just about any radio from the IC746 to a secret agent watch. The program uses the new features available with the 746 and 756 to upload or save memories from your rig. Average time to upload or save 99 memories two scan edges and a call frequency is about 6.5 seconds. (Last update May 22nd, 2003) This software is new on the market and allready has over 2,100 faithful users. You can download an unregistered version at this site and begin using it now. To get a registration key contact the NoSpam_) A registration key is only $19.00 Your registration key is good for all upgrades and does not expire.
Please setup the software and be sure it works with your hardware before you purchase a registration key.

This software is no longer for SALE. You can get a registration key FREE by joining the forum at

Using the program:

After you have downloaded the main program and one of the radio files and unzipped the archive execute the program IRC.EXE, The first radio displayed will be the IC706. or first skin found if you have not downloaded the 706 file. Using your mouse right click on the radio and select "Radio Setup" a dialog that looks like an older serial port will appear. The following items can be adjusted on this screen.

Select the correct settings for your radio and computer, place your radio in tranceive mode and click ok. If you change the skin or enter a registration key, you will need to exit the program and restart for the settings to take effect. You may use any of the radio skins below on any Icom radio. All features may not work depending on your particular rig.

IRC Software Main programIRC Software. This is the main program current version is 2.06

Changes from previous version:

Memory editor for 746 memoriesIRC Memory Edit Software. Memory Edit Software, Edit or create memories for the IC-746, use IRC to upload the files. This is a beta version 1.3 of the software. It has only been tested on 746 memory files. This program requires a registerd version of IRC present.
You will need to download at least one of the files below for this software to work.

IC-706IC-706 This is the default skin you will need this file. Needs 800x600 screen or better. Updated 9-21-2002 with new features. Click here for a screen shot
IC-746IC-746 This is a nice one. Be carfull clicking on the transmit button will make your rig transmit, treat all these radio skins like they are a REAL radio, because they are controlling a real one. 1024x768 or higher resolution required. Updated 9-21-2002
IC756/756PROIC756/756PRO This is the radio skin everybody has been looking for. This is the first version, and all features may not work as expected. If you have the IC706 or the IC746 try using this dialog now has dual watch working. and a simple band scope.(1280x1024) screen resolution recomended. S-Meter actually works on this rig, just right click then select Signal Meter .
IC-718IC-718 A very practical rig, easy to use Requires 800x600 screen resolution or better.If you have one of the older Icom radios such as the IC735, IC738,IC736 etc. I would recomend using this radio skin.(updated 09/21/2002)
IC-910IC-910H The Subband now works with the software. Some Features may not work, This skin may not work with other rigs. updated 9-21-2002. support multi-band radios such as the IC-756/pro.(800x600)
I don't have this rig and have not done much testing, if you improve this skin please let me know.
007-Watch007-Watch Secret agent watch, looks like a normal watch but has frequency, mode, VFO and memory channel displayed on the face. The Second hand will show the S-Meter reading when the feature is selected, It will point at the 6 for no signal, the 9 for an S-9 signal and the 12 for +60db.
This radio skin should work with most icom radios and all screen sizes. (640x480)
756PROII756PROII This Radio skin uses some of the new features such as DUAL VFOs. Special scan features that display a spectrum scope on your video screen. You don't need this rig to enjoy many of the features of the skin. The IC706, 718, 746 and 756 can all use this skin. ( Now available! ) (1024x768) screen resolution recomended. S-Meter actually works on this rig, just right click then select Signal Meter Available NOW.

Future RigFuture Rig This radio skin uses many of the features available on the IC746, it looks like something from the 24th century, the large digital display I would recomend for anybody with poor eye sight.(800x600)
You may create your own skins using Notepad and MSpaint, the files *.rdo are standard text files in windows ini format.
You can get the ICOM interface commands at this site: The ICOM CI-V information pages (DF4OR) Future enhancements.(Features planned for IRC ) IRC Program created by:
Bruce Raisley N9ZLE
131 Casey Lane
Searcy, AR 72143

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Get a Registration key using Pay-pal, I will email you a key in 1 to 2 days. If you do not have a CT-17 interface you can purchase a CIV CT-17 compatible cable by clicking on this link.
Email: (remove the NoSpam_)for current availablity.
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