N9ZLE IRC Software

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Program or copy up to 102 memories in less than 20 seconds.
Mulitple screen layouts.
User programmable.
View the acutal rig your connected to on screen.
Increase your Rigs abilities.
Have fun with other models.
Design you own screen layout.
Unlimited upgrades.

Options available in future versions.
Contest logging, Retrieves signal, frequency, power setting and mode from your rig.
QRZ lookup built in.
QSL Printing, retrieves all information from logging.
Memory Editor
File Converter, converts Frequency files available at icomamerica.com to files that can be programmed with IRC.EXE

Dealers Welcome
If you are an Icom dealer learn how you can distribute this software ROYALTY FREE!

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Icom IC 706
Icom IC 718
Icom IC 910H
Icom IC 746
Icom IC 756Pro
Treky Larg Digits
007 Secret Agent Transceiver Watch
WWII Military Rig
Home Brew Unit 1

Memory Editor

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Don't have a CT-17 level converter?
This cable allows computer control of your ICOM radio through its REMOTE jack, when using appropriate software, from your computer's serial port. It is known to work with ARCP, RM, AUTOLOG, ICOM.EXE, WhiteLog, and IRC, but will work with any similar application as long as the application asserts the DTR pin on the serial port (this is where the cable draws its power from)

When you purchase IRC software get a control cable for $25 while supply last.

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IRC Software Price
Software with all skins $35.00
Icom CIV Cable $25.00
(when purchasing software only)
Shipping and handling $5.00